Serve Globally


Periodically Wesley purchases Bibles in many different languages to send to our missions throughout the world along with a personalized note written in the cover by a person of Wesley. This ministry could use assistance in coordinating the purchase, inscription, and fundraising for these Bibles.


Wesley has had several members who have gone full time into the mission field. We support those currently in the mission field through financial gifts that fund their mission work.


Periodically as a need arises, Wesley assists the people on the island of Utila improve their community through construction, medical care, education, and spreading the love of Christ.

Orphanage in Haiti

Wesley helps to support an orphanage in Port Au Prince, Haiti that cares for 74 underprivileged children. We do this through a partnership with Grangou, an organization with a heart to help orphans in Haiti. The children usually remain in the orphanage until they are able to support themselves, as some of the older boys started doing in 2015. As soon as these older boys left, their beds were immediately filled.