About Us

Our purpose at Wesley is "To Know God And To Make God Known." 

We don't offer programs and services just for the sake of having services and programs. It is our prayer that we would be a place that people can come week after week, and be inspired and challenged in their relationship with Jesus Christ. In our weekly worship services we make every possible effort to know Him, and to make Him known in our life as a church family and in our lives individually. We believe in you coming just as you are. Believing that as you worship with us, you will come alive to who you are in Jesus Christ, and that in coming to know Hime as your personal Lord and Savior you would encounter his love for you, so that you can make his love known to everyone around you.

We invite you to worship with us. To grow with us. To help us reach the community of Beaumont for Jesus Christ. Let's know Him together, and make Him known together.