Our Story

Established in 1912, Wesley United Methodist Church has been a part of the Beaumont area for over 100 years.  It’s spot on Major Drive and Folsom is just one of the Beaumont area locations Wesley has called home over the years. With the rest of Beaumont, Wesley has seen hurricanes, watched the area change and grow, and helped thousands of people become disciples who serve Jesus Christ.

Wesley U.M.C. is named for the founder of the Methodist Movement, John Wesley.  After experiencing conversion, John Wesley began the Methodist movement which featured innovative ways to share the wonderful news of Jesus and then help people grow in their faith through small group instruction and accountability. The Methodist movement established all kinds of wonderful ministries such as orphanages, universities, hospitals, and global missions and continues this work today.

Wesley U.M.C. exists to “Transform hearts to be passionate for God’s work”.  In the book of Acts, we find the wonderful news of how through Jesus Christ, hearts can be transformed and given life abundant and eternal.  We invite others to experience this transforming grace in their lives through worship, fellowship, and serving both in the community and in the church. 

Consumerism, selfish ambition, and greed are harmful and destructive to us, the church, and our world, yet are bizarrely encouraged in our culture and even by some churches who only seek to entertain. We, however, believe in the way of Jesus.  We believe church is the place where we offer our best to God and the people of the Beaumont area.

In the years to come, our church is focused on seeing more and more people experience a gracious transformation of their hearts, so they become passionate for God’s work.  We will accomplish this through starting new groups, recruiting and training leaders who are followers of Jesus, and by continuing to live out the unique calling that God has given to Wesley U.M.C.

We hope you will join us!