Our Vision

“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

The “Why?” of our church is Love.  Just as God has shown us great love in Jesus Christ, we love the Beaumont area, one another, those in need, and our neighbor.

The “What?” of our church is: Transforming hearts to be passionate for God’s work.  Hearts are transformed when God graciously works in our lives, frees us from sin and death, and calls us to be part of the great work of God’s Kingdom.

The “How?” of our church: Invite, Worship, Fellowship, Serve. Worship of God is essential to us as a church and is our primary way that hearts are transformed. Life is better together, so we want people to be in small groups or Sunday school classes where they can be in community and apply Jesus’s teachings to their life.  Serving in the community and at church has always been a strength of Wesley UMC and remains an important part of who we are.  Inviting others to follow Christ and be a part of the Wesley UMC worship, service, and fellowship is a growing area for our church and will be the central focus of 2021. 

We are fruitful “When?”:

  1.  People visit worship and return in the following weeks
  2. People take next steps in their journey of discipleship.
  3. People who are in need receive help
  4. People invite others to worship, Sunday School, and other small groups.
  5. People participate in worship, small groups, Sunday School, and serve both inside and outside the church. 

For the upcoming years, the main goals for our church are:

  1. Start 12 new small groups/Sunday school classes of 12-15 people each
  2. Recruit and train 36 leaders who follow Jesus
  3. Continue to develop our long-range vision and unique identity as a church so that members can share that vision with neighbors and visitors
  4. Like many churches, we must continue to focus on kingdom work, including a focus on doubling our children's program and the volunteer and parental involvement within it.