Sunday Morning Groups

New Beginnings Class             

Sundays @ 9:00am (Room 101)                

Couples and Singles with lots of life experience. This group is fun, loving, and often enjoy social time together outside church.

This class recently formed, combining the 50-50 Class, the Men's Bible Study Class, and the Smart Set Class.

Fidelis Class            

Sundays @ 9:00am (Room 103)

“Always Faithful”, they are a loving group of friends with praying hearts, studying the International Lesson Series.

Bible Study Class   

Sundays @ 9:00am (Room 104)

In depth Bible studies chapter by chapter and verse by verse. Couples and singles; all ages welcome.

Seekers Fellowship Class

Sundays @ 9:00am (Room 106)

Couples and singles from 30 years & up. Scripture studies, prayer studies, faith studies for living faithfully in today’s world.

 AAA Class    

Sundays @ 9:00am (Room 105)

Everyone is welcome to join this group. They use a discussion-based format with the International Lesson Series to cover contemporary issues along with the Bible Study.


Discovery Class

Sundays @ 9:00am (Parlor)

Bible study for men and women in an engaging conversational style.  All ages welcome.

Daily Walkers Class

Sundays @ 10:30am (Room 106)

This large group of couple and singles from all age groups have worked straight through the Bible and now are focusing on selected passages.


Sundays @ 10:30am (Room 101)

This group mostly has parents of young children and teens in its mix but is inclusive and very welcoming to people of all ages, backgrounds, and traditions. The group enjoys lively discussion and celebrating the glory of God in, around, and through our lives. Childcare is provided.
This group is very passionate about missions and service. They have a heart for the orphan, the widow, and the homeless, and they deeply desire to bring the hands and feet of Jesus to everyone in need.
If you are looking for a group to put your faith into action and grow deep roots of authentic relationships and intentional ministry with, this is a great place for you to connect.
For more information, contact Kevin Stahl at