Sunday Morning Groups

9:00am Sunday School Hour


Discovery Class

Meets in the Parlor

We were originally formed for choir members, but anybody is welcome each Sunday.


Seekers Fellowship

Meets in Room 106

We are reading through the Bible backwards to gain a new perspective on the scriptures. Right now we are in the Gospel of John and will begin Luke soon.


Bible Study Class

Meets in Room 104

We are reading straight through the Bible. It took 20 years the first time and now we are starting again and are already in Exodus.


New Beginnings

Meets in Room 101

We are dedicated to mission work and in our community and also study a seasonal Bible Study curriculum.



10:30am Sunday School Hour


Daily Walkers

Meets in Room 106

We are a community committed to prayer and fellowship outside of Sunday mornings. On Sundays, we participate in various book studies throughout the year.



Meets in Room 101

We are a small group of mostly parents. We lead book studies and video studies each Sunday.


The Way

Meets in Room 105

We are a young adult group that enjoys taking a closer look at what it means to live out our faith each and every day. 


Breakfast Club

Meets in the Youth Room

We are the youth-led Sunday school and we meet over breakfast to discuss the sermon and worship service each week.